Sunday, January 15, 2012

East Side 50/50 Run -- 2012 New Year's Run

I took the group run organized by a group of local veteran runners to celebrate runner's new year. The route is quite near my home the 50/50 represented half road and half trail. I familiar with the road half, and trail half is rather new to me. It was a goo start for me as I plan to complete a trail race this year, in a minimalist way.

The run started from Tampines Sun Plaza Park at 7:15am, Jan 1st 2012. Some 40 runner from Pasir Ris, Tampines,Simei took part. The route headed for Tampines Eco Green first, then turned to Tampines Mountain Bike Park and Tampines Qaurry Park and back to Sun Plaza Park, total 13km, with 6km trail in Moutain Bike Park and Quarry Park.

Tampines Eco Green's trail is made of lawn. I had been there since it officially openned last year. It was a leisure to run in barefoot. But I decide not train there because I thpught hard surface would enhance the sense and feed back rather than soft surface. Anyway the 2km route is a good place to free one's feet.

I'v been Tampines Mountain Bike Park 5 year before, with mountain bike of course. This time I wore my home made huaraches to try the trail out. I saw some extreme runner ran on gravel trail with huaraches before but this time was my turn. The 4mm vibram cherry sole could only protect my skin from cutting, but could not stop the rocks "bitting" my sole. I needed to shorten my stride and increase the cadence a lot to make the landing more "soft". Though the route was only 3km (not the full one), it covered gravel trail, hill trail, water crossing, that made it a rather complete experience. Thanks to the organizer's consideration.

I'v been to Tampines Quarry Park once last year, but could not locate the trail entrance. This route is more wild and covered in deep trees. Mosquitos ambushed and tree fallen could happen at any time. The organizer also arranged a most safe and easy way, simply climbing uphill and dashing down hill, totally 1km only. I think there should be a tougher trail along the lake shore, as I dicovered last year. But it rather tough for run, because you need to find your way all along, the real meaning of trail.

On the way back, one senior runner told me that there were cheeper rubber soling sheet for sale in Singapore, near Boonkeng MRT. I'll check it out. Last 1km, I sprinted at a 5km pace to finish, forgetting to shorten straides and knee forwad, end up with metatarsal pain. This should not happend again.