Sunday, October 23, 2011

From Pasir Ris to Woodland, my farthest adventure along the Park Connector Network

I'v been running through YCK road to Central Catcment for some time. And I decided to go further. Then I checked PCN and found it could lead me to Woodland. It sounded nice, from Pasir Ris to Woodland, a unblievable quest.

I started up the journey with YCK-Lower Peirce Reservoir as before. And kept on Old Upper Thomson Road after Lower Peirce Reservoir Park gate at 17.5km mark. Then ran into Upper Thomson road from 19km to 21km mark. At 21km mark I switched to Mandai road and followerd it to Seletar Reservoir Park after Seletar Express corssover. After a scenic 2km run in Seletar Reservoir I switched back to Mandai road at around 24km mark. The route is a little bit dangerous for runner until 25km mark after Mandai avenue becasue there is no pavement and PCN. There were quite a few cyclist but no other runners were seen than me. After 1km dangerous running with auto vehicles, I reached beautiful Mandai road led to the Zoo. And then I switched north at 27km mark into Ulu Sembawang PCN. Crossed the ulu kampung I finally reached woodland PCN at Woodland avenue12 and Seletar Express crossover (29km mark). At 30km mark ritgt turned to Woodland avenue2, led me to my destination Woodland MRT station.

Old Upper Thomson Road

Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

Ulu Sembawang PCN entrance

Ulu Sembawang PCN

Woodland PCN
The total leght of this route is around 31km. Most part are covered by PCN except 1km sharing road with motos after Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. The route is scenic but the water points are limited at the secon half. I list the water point here: water fountain @ Pugol park (6.5km mark in this route), gas station 7eleven @ beginning of YCK Rd (10km mark), hawk center @ Lower Peirce Reservoir car park (16km, the end of YCK Rd), and gas station 7eleven @Thong Soon Green(21km mark). There is no water points until reach wooland.

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